The mission of Miles of Giving is to provide a service that grants needed financial assistance to wounded soldiers and their families. Through direct payments to a veteran, we cut out middlemen and bureaucratic entanglement that often delays services needed by badly wounded vets and their caregivers. We do not position ourselves to tell them how to spend their money. We simply position ourselves to insure they have money to spend.

That is our mission.


January 2016 | Veteran Of The Month

“During my first tour I felt as if we were on great family and we would do anything to take [...]


Our annual golf tournament is a blast! Its great to get together with supporters and veterans alike. To be able to come together for a deserving cause like this is blessing. Click here to check out some photos from this year’s tournament.


Too often we forget that our military is an all-volunteer force—no required recruitment, to conscripted drafting. Our men and women in uniform actively choose to be our surrogates in warfare—to fight and defend the rights and freedoms we enjoy every day of our lives.

But with military campaigns in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and other conflict zones, many of our soldiers are returning dismembered and beset with traumatic brain injury. Most embrace a positive outlook and are hailed as decorated heroes. Nevertheless, this new generation of maimed veterans remains saddled with critical needs that overwhelm existing care facilities and devastate their families.

That is the situation Miles of Giving wants to help alleviate.

Combat amputees have a saying: I didn’t “lose” my leg; I “gave” my leg in the service of my country. We at Miles of Giving believe it is our duty to give back to them and let our soldiers know that not only are they appreciated, but most importantly, they are not forgotten.